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The leading manufacturer and distributor with a wide range of Woven Fabric products offer solutions for all your needs. In order to ensure the best value for our clients, all orders can be customized on request, based on the clients’ needs.

  • Fabric width
  • Roll length
  • Fabric unit weight
  • Color types in scrim and coating


At FSPG, there are three types of lumber wraps available for purchase.

  • Polypropylene lumber wrap
  • Polyethylene lumber wrap
  • Sewed lumber cover

Printed lumber wrap is produced in up to 4 colors and 144” in width: available inlay flat or c-folded roll.

Product Features and Performance
  • Durable with long life and light stabilizers
  • Three-layered with high tearing strength
  • Lightweight, soft, and easy to lay and fold

They are used in the wood industry, high-end wooden packaging, and coverage for lumber mills.


  • Polypropylene scrim
  • Polyethylene  scrim

Available up to 8 meters (314”) in width without a seam. They roll up to 4 meters (157”) in width when laid flat.


At FSPG, we produce both all-poly metal wraps and paperback metal wraps. The printed metal wrap is available in up to 4 colors and 144” in width. It is enhanced with VCI Anti-corrosion protection.

Product Features and Performance
  • Can customize the colors on both sides
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof and antirust
  • Pleasant appearance
  • Convenient to handle and use

Our metal wraps are very popular in the steel industry, steel packaging, and outdoor storage needs.


  • Greenhouse
  • Hay & Grain cover
  • Pond Liner
  • Farm equipment cover
  • Waterproof multi-purpose Tarps
  • Container Liner

Includes UV additives in coating and tapes and is available with or without Grommets.

Transparent Anti- UV Fabric, Blue Anti-UV Fabric, Black-and-White Block Fabric

Our agricultural fabric is widely used in the planting industry, renowned for its high tearing strength, durability, weather resistance, and low cost. They also come in handy for fish breeding and poultry raising.

Woven Fabric For Gardening

We also manufacture woven fabric for gardening. These fabrics are highly in demand for professional horticulture since they prevent roots from decomposing and show good drainage and air circulation characteristics.


  • House wrap
  • Roof underlayment
  • Contraction site cover (clear coated)
  • Hoarding, dust cover
  • Weather protection cover
  • Storage cover


  • PE Frontlit sign material
  • PE Backlit sign material
  • PE Poster
  • PE Banner

All of our billboard and banner products are fully recyclable as they are produced using PVC-free material. The width of these billboard and banner products can vary up to 5 meters.


At FSPG, we manufacture three main types of recreation products.

  • Golf Green cover
  • Pool cover
  • Select grade Tarpaulin
Features and Performance of Tarpaulin Products
  • Triple-layered with high tearing strength
  • Long life with light stabilizers
  • Lightweight
  • Available in soft and bright colors
  • Convenient to lay and fold
Applications of our Tarpaulin Products

Our tarpaulin products are famous for aquaculture, poultry farming, and edible mushroom planting. Furthermore, it is also used for covering trucks, buildings, and outdoor storage areas. These products can grant safety from sun and rain.


Our packing tapes are made from thin sheets of bioriented polypropylene (BOPP), which serves as the backing material. These backing materials are then coated with acrylic adhesives. Their adhesion is suitable for general packaging, enveloping, or fixing.

Range of Packing Tapes offered at JW Plastics
  • Carton Sealing tape
  • Masking tape
  • Lumber wrap repair tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Aluminum tape
  • Carton sealing tape dispenser

Package tapes can also be customized using OEM custom printed logos. This will help improve and enhance your branding strategy and promotion.

Product Features and Performance

Our package tapes are renowned for withstanding weather changes and their strong adhesive properties. Furthermore, our tapes also present qualities of temperature resistance, good holding adhesion, good tactile and pleasant adhesion, lightweight, good tear and stickiness, anti-corrosion, and nonflowing glue. Not to forget, all of our products are priced at reasonable costs.


Our adhesion tapes can be used in electrical items production, industrial packaging, refrigerator and air condition insulation, door and window fixing, goods binding, fixing, support, joining, shelter, and for books and stationery need as well.


Our manufactory is one of the enterprises appointed to produce Non-woven geotextiles by the National Economic and Trade Committee in Guangdong Province. We have multiple high-tech-equipped production lines. Our annual production capacity of non-woven geotextiles is 3,000 tons. 

The product is widely used for its strong stretch capability in building up highways, railways, airports, bridges, tunnels, culverts, dikes & dams, draining off the water system. Its functionality is credited for filtration, drainage, reinforcing, and protection during civil engineering and water conservancy projects. Our products have passed the quality test held by National Quality Control Center and matched with National Quality Index.

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