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FSPG woven products have a high reputation both at home and oversea, which our customers well credit. This reputation is mainly due to our products' quality, durability, and affordability. Their customers have undisrupted access to all of their products from around the world, through designated representatives like us. Hence, if you are a Canadian looking for unrestricted supply to FSPG products, drop in at JW plastics.

As a leader in woven fabric manufacturers, FSPG operates from three state-of-the-art production facilities that generate premium-quality fabric for all your needs. Having been located in three provinces around China, these production facilities are capable of reaching up to 75,000 tons of annual production. As the representative for all products in Canada, we make sure that all these premium products are conveniently available for our loyal customers around the world.

Rising Facilities For A Diverse Product Range

To meet the ever-growing customer demand and widening requirement, we have initiated four additional production facilities. These facilities focus on Non-woven geotextile, BOPP tape, and Polyethylene Film products.

1. Nanning Jingwei Facility

The Nanning Jingwei branch mainly produces plastic fabric products such as colored strips and has an annual production capacity of nearly 23,650 tonnes. Since its inception, this facility has empowered the farming, mining, industrial, and construction industries through the mine fabric and silver and blue-colored product range. The quality of the products and the production facility itself are among the best in China.

2. Linfen Jingwei Facility

The Linfen Jingwei branch is another rising facility in the FSPG chain. Among a broad range of products, this branch is renowned for facilitating the production of colored strip fabric, tarpaulin fabric, planting, and farming fabric, steel packing fabric, and geotechnical engineering fabric. Having been equipped with the latest technology and skill force, this facility reaches an annual production capacity of about 9,500 tonnes.

3. Foshan Raypoly High-Energy Technology Co. Ltd

The Foshan Raypoly facility is primarily a center for sterilization and radiation. This includes the irradiation sterilization of medical supplies, medicines, cosmetics, and toys. At the same time, the facility is also involved in sterilization and preservation of food and condiments, irradiation of coloring of crystals, pearls and diamonds, and irradiation insecticide of cereals and agricultural by-products.

4. Foshan Inder Adhesive Product Co. Ltd

The rising Foshan Inder facility based in China is our main center for adhesive products. Having been established in 1991, it was a collaborative effort between FPSG and the Taiwan Asianchem Science and Technology company. The main products of this facility include BOPP packaging adhesive tape, stationery adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, beautified paper adhesive tape, aluminum foil adhesive tape, and polyester adhesive tape.

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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FSPG is a definite one-stop for all your needs when it comes to plastic products. Because we offer a wide range of products that cater to varying requirements of different businesses worldwide. Hence, we ensure you can find the best solution for your business. Therefore, if you are on the lookout to buy genuine FSPG products in Canada, do drop in at JW plastics. We can guarantee that you would not be disappointed.

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With the vision of Quality first, Customer first, Service first, our company aims at the maximum satisfaction of our customers. We value your business and appreciate your opinion. Due to this, we have been able to grow as one of the most reliable and sought-after plastic products distributors around the country. Hence, if you want to receive the best value for money and collaborate with a company that always puts its clients first, JW Plastics is here to help you out.

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